The team at Brick Works

Great experience & shared


At Brick Works we have more than 55 year of combined experience with building models in LEGO bricks professionally. We are a team that, in spite of different areas of expertises, work together towards a common goal. Our differences is our strenght. We have a straight line of communication which makes sparring with colleagues a valuable asset. Thereby we are able to act and re-saddle fast when needed.

Caspar Bennedsen

Founder and CEO

Makes a living from his hobby

Caspar did what many only dream of doing. He turned his hobby and great passion into his line of work.

He is the founder and CEO of Brick Works. You can read much more about Caspar by clicking the read more button.
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Henriette Sørensen


Evend developer and facilitator

Henriette brænder for at planlægge og afvikle events. Hun er tidligere character i LEGOLAND og har stor erfaring med facilitering events i både LEGOLAND og på Hotel LEGOLAND. Hos Brick Works står Henriette for afvikling af teambuilding events på Hotel LEGOLAND, som varetages af Brick Works. Desuden er hun koordinator og facilitator på vores andre event opgaver, så skal vi hjælpe dig med et event vil du møde hende der.

Henrik Meyer

Designer and modelbuilder

Great experience

Henrik has previously worked at both LEGO and LEGOLAND as a designer and modelbuilder. With 34 years of experience as a professional LEGO builder, there are no doubts that Henrik knows how to make unique and extremely beautiful models. Henrik is very detail-orientated. His unique imagination gives the models extra layers of details and creative stories.

Tilde Bennedsen


A skilled conveyor

Tilde is an educated school teacher from: den frie læreskole. Through her 17 years of teaching experience, she has taught subjects as danish, arts and other creative courses. To combine her wide experience with 1st-8th graders, with LEGO Bricks makes her a skilled facititator for all our Brick Works Events. At Brick Works Tilde is an event coordinator and with her educational and fun approach to the use of LEGO Bricks, it provides the opportunity to create completely new experiences with LEGO bricks.

Lisa Halborg

Administration , byg og modelshopkoordinator

The Allrounder

Lisa har mange kasketter på ved Brick Works. Når du ringer til Brick Works, er det hende du får i røret. Ud over administrative, grafiske og projektstyrrings-opgaver, er Lisa desuden med til at bygge LEGO modellerne. Herudover har Lisa været med inde over flere LEGO Masters produktioner i både DK, SE og FI.

Bianca Poulsen


Eyes for the details

Bianca styrer vores lager og har sans for detaljen. Vi har ca. 8-10 ton LEGO på lager, i ca 10.000 forskellige typer. Her er det Bianca der sørger for at det er overskueligt at kunne finde de klodser der skal bruges.

Rikke Molin


Speed and colors

Rikke has "the fastes hands in the west". She builds models faster than most - of cause without lowering the quality. Besides that, Rikke is a master in converting pictures/grafical elements to our popular mosaics, so the motives also looks beautiful in the LEGO colorpalette.



Successful work placement

Thanja is here as a work placement trainee. After being her only shortly, Thanja was able to increace her weekly hours. Thanja is possitive about the assignments she is given and works concentrated and efficiently.

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