Did you experience a mistake in your gift model?

   All giftmodels at Brick Works Aps are packed by hand. Even though we offcause are controlling and testing our products – mistakes can happen anyway. If you experience mistakes in your giftmodel, please fill out the contactform below and we will figure out a solution.

We are sorry about the trouble it may have caused you.

Help us fix our mistake, Thanks

In order for us to be able to quickly send you the missing elements for your gift model, please fill out the fields in the contact form.
You will find the element number and color name in the back of the builing instruction.

If the issue in your gift model is about something else than missing bricks, you do not have to fill out alle the fields. Simply just describe the issue in the text area.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but thank you for letting os right our wrongs.