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The only LCP in Denmark

LCP is short for: LEGO Certified Proffessional. Which means that the LCP have a certificate that requires him/her to live up to LEGO rules and standards when building models. This certificate comes from many year of experience with building beautiful, safe and lastig models for any occasion.
CEO and founder of Brick Works, Caspar Bennedsen, is the first and only LCP in Denmark. There are acutally only 22 LCP's worldwide.

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We love to see ideas become a reality in LEGO bricks. So if you have an idea, that doesn't fit in, anywhere on this site, please contact us and we will find a solution that fits your plans and ideas.

Big showstopper

We have made multiple big models, that looks cool - both close up, and from a distance.

Detailed Showstopper

Do you wish for an more detailed model, where every little detail is of high piority.
Founder and CEO
Designer and modelbuilder
Administration, byg & modelshopkoordinator
Warehouse stocker
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