As something new, Brick Works now offer the possibility to

Rent LEGO Bricks

5 EASY Steps for your event


Make an inquiry via the form at the bottom of this page.

On this page you can read more about what we offer. If you don't find something that fits your needs exactly, you are welcome to make an inquiry anyway. Then we can find a solution together.


Receive confirmation of booking

Once we have received your inquiry, we will get back to you with any questions regarding your booking.

Soon hereafter, you will receive a confirmation of your booking.


You will receive the order directly to the address you selected

We send bricks, building tables etc. directly to your address.

You will receive the boxes on a pallet, so it is easy to access and transport.


Have fun!

You host your event, where you can have fun in raw quantities of LEGO bricks.

Time to be creative and have fun.


Easy returns

Pack the pallets as when they were, when you got them.

Attach the labels that we provided you with.

When the pallets are ready, place them on the agreed collection time and place.

In doubt about what we can offer?

Discover the different boxes you can rent

You can rent different types of LEGO bricks. Which type you need, depends on the goal of your event.
If you are still in doubt about which bricks suit your needs, please send us a non-binding email at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with our ideas.
Do you want other types of bricks such as extra plant parts, only one type of bricks or other special requests. Then send us an email and we will find out what can be done. The sooner you write, the better the chance of us being able to complete the task.

Mixed system bricks

Mixed System Bricks

With this box, you get a good mix of classic LEGO system bricks: doors and windows, minifigures, a bit of Technic and much more. If free imagination is to be built, then this is the perfect mixture. The bricks are mixed, so we cannot guarantee what is in each box. Do you have special wishes for e.g. extra windows or something? Then this can be done - contact us.

Content per box: 15 kg. Mixed System LEGO
+ 2 pcs 32x32 knob base plates in grey.

1-4 boxes - DKK 275 pr. Box ex. VAT
5-8 boxes - DKK 260 pr. Box ex. VAT
9-12 boxes - DKK 245 pr. Box ex. VAT
13-24 boxes - DKK 220 pr. Box ex. VAT
More than 25 boxes - DKK 210 pr. Box ex. VAT
(+ freight)

2x4 Bricks

2x4 Bricks

1 type of bricks. This box contains only the classic 2x4 block - but on the other hand a lot of them! Then there is no fighting over all the special parts. But the imagination can still be challenged; Build the biggest bridge, build the tallest tower - or whatever you want. If you have a wish for a special colour, we can also manage it, as long as LEGO still produces the colour.

Content: Approx. 6,000 2x4 bricks per box
+ 2 pcs. 32x32 knob base plates in grey.

Price: From DKK 180 per box (+ VAT and shipping)



The well known LEGO DOTS concept - just bigger. Here you can create beautiful pictures, patterns and graphics with different shapes of 1x1 tiles (the flat bricks, you know, the ones without the knob on top).

Content per box: Approx. 40,000 1x1 tiles in various shapes and colors + 20 plates in size 8x8.

It is possible to rent extra plates.

Price: From DKK 350 per box (+ VAT and freight)
– Bracelets and more plates can be rented separately.

Mixed basis system bricks

Mixed base System bricks

Ordinary basic LEGO bricks in all the colors of the rainbow (or at least the LEGO color palette). 2x2, 2x3, 2x4, 2x6 and 2x8. There are no special bricks in this mix.

Content per box: 12-14 kg. Mixed basis bricks
+ 2 pcs. 32x32 knob base plates in grey.

Price: From DKK 180 per box (+ VAT and shipping)

Mixed basis DUPLO bricks

Mixed basis DUPLO bricks

Ordinary basic DUPLO bricks in 2x2, 2x3 and 2x4 in all the colors of the rainbow (or at least the LEGO color palette) - build tall towers or huge houses that you can sit in yourself - only your imagination is the limit.

Content per box: 8-10 kg. Mixed base DUPLO bricks

Price: From DKK 180,- pr. box (+ VAT and freight)



A massive amount of 1x1 bricks in different colors - put your creativity to the test by making your own works of art out of 1x1 bricks. In the box you will also get 8x8, 16x16 and 32x32 plates, so you can choose which size you want to build.

Content per box: Approx. 40,000 1x1 bricks
+ 10 plates in each size (8x8, 16x16 and 32x32)

Price: From DKK 350 per box
(+ VAT and freight)
– more plates can be rented separately

Call or send us an email, if you do not find answers to your questions below.

Q & A's

System Bricks: The most common scale of bricks that you know from most LEGO sets. In this category we have both BASIS and MIXED bricks.
Basis klodser er de helt almindelige firkantede/rektangulære klodser, i forskellige størrelser og farver. Blandede klodser er basis klodser, blandet med mange forskellige typer klodser. Alt fra minifigurer, planter, dyr, bildele, døre og vinduer – etc.

2×4 bricks: 2×4 is a size description that means that the brik is 2 knobs on one side and 4 knobs on the other. 2×4 is the most iconic sized LEGO brick.

DUPLO bricks: The bricks that a size larger, and are therefore particularly suitable for smaller children. But can also easily be used for events for adults.

LEGO DOTS:A concept developed by LEGO. The concept are based on the fact that you can decorate various knobbed surfaces with what are called tiles in different shapes/sizes. Tiles are flat plates that sit on the knobs and thus create a smooth surface. 

Bricks must be shipped as you received them. Therefore, we expect the bricks to be seperated before they are sent back.
If the bricks are not separated when we receive them, we separate them here, and forward the invoice, for the time it takes, to you.

Mistakes can happen, and if there are smaller amounts of bricks that are not seperated, then of course it is without cost.

It is Brick Works alone that assesses when there are smaller mistakes or whether an invoice must be forwarded.

We weigh in each individual rental upon dispatch from Brick Works.

It is your responsibility to control weigh in the orden upon reception.

We will weigh in the order again when we have it back.
If bricks are missing, an invoice based on weight will be forwarded.

There will be more detailed info to be found in the leasecontract.

The prices on this page is only for the rental of the bricks(+ possibly base plates).

You will receive the bricks in durable boxes.

Shipping fee + additional services are added to the final price.

You fill in the contact form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible, with the possibilities for renting aswell as with any elaborating questions regarding your order.

Soon hereafter you will receive a lease contract.

With mosaic events, it is possible to keep the finished result. We will make a frame in LEGO that fits the finished mosaic. (If you wish to keep the result, this must be stated when booking – the price will then varie from the rental price)

There are several options when making mosaics:

- The event participants make a lot of small individual "pictures" on the building plates. These are then put together for a large variegated result.

- We co-create a design where we print building instructions for each 8x8 or 6x6 plat, that fit into a coordinate system. You thereby create one large coherent result. (NOTE that there must not be a LOGO on the finished result)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to keep other models made from rental bricks.

In addition to LEGO bricks, you can also rent:

– Building tables. 80×120 cm tables, with an edge of approx. 6 cm. So the bricks don't fall to the ground as easily.

– Large easel, in connection with mosaics (depending on size).

– LARGE 2×4 brick models built in LEGO system bricks. For display only. (Dimensions: 140*82*60)

We are working on expanding our options. If you have a request for an option that you do not find on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us. Then we can probably find a solution

If the order is not ready for pick up at the agreed time and the carrier drives in vain. Then a fee is charged for:
- unsuccessfull driving,
- New departure,
- a daily rental fee for the materials until they are ready for collection.

The order can easily be picked up/drop off at one of Brick Works' 2 addresses in Sdr. Felding, Central Jutland, Denmark.

Then just please state that in the description field, in the contact form below.

Do you wish to rent bricks for your event?

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