There are only 23 LEGO Certified Professionals (LCP's) worldwide

- Brick Works is run by the only on in Denmark

CEO and founder, Caspar is

Denmarks only LCP

LCP is chort for LEGO certified professional, which means that Caspar is the only on in Denmark who has a certificate, that his company lives up to the strict saftyrules, standards and more, provided by LEGO. The road to becomming an LCP has been long. Caspar has, before he became an LCP, been working 14 years as an professional LEGO builder. It gave him the knowledge and experience needed to become the danish LCP.

Caspars history

Caspar has, besides his 14 years as a professional LEGO builder, dealt with LEGO his whole life. When Caspar was born, his mom worked at LEGO and his dad worked at LEGOLAND.
At 19, Capsar got his debut as a modelbuilder at LEGOLAND. He built models for different LEGOLAND parks around the world. And after 9 years, he advanced to become supervisor. He gained great experience within planning and executing larger projects.
All this meant, that when LEGOLAND in 2017 closed their modeldevelopmetdepartment, Caspar had the amount of experience that was needed to apply for being the first and only LCP in Denmark

"First and foremost, the goal was to be able to make a living from Brick Works"

 Caspar has had his certificate since 2018. He started Brick Works at that time, with the hopes of being able to create a business, where he would be able to make a living for himself, by continuing building LEGO models.
It soon became obvious that there was more work that just for him. So within a few months after starting Brick Works, he was able to employ 2 employees besides himself.

In the time that Brick Works has existed, we have build models in all ends of the scale. So if it is a 3,5 meter tall christmastree in he shape of a dragon, a 1:1 car, or smaller detailed models you need - we are here to help. We have the expertise to deliver both secure, unique and beautiful models.

Since 2020 Brick Works cooperated with LEGO masters productions in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. We have built all the pre-builds here at our address in Jutland, Denmark. We also coordinate the brick setup both on camera and backstage.

Brick Works also have big amounts of bricks you can rent. You can rent it in big or small amounts for event and partys. This can be don bot with or without facilitating by Brick Works. Click here to read more about our rental-koncept.

With us - you are secured

We make a contract for all orders, that secures both yours and our rights in regards to the use of the model and more.

Contact us and let us know about your LEGO dreams.

Together we create experiences with LEGO

At Brick Works we are only a small group of employees. This means that there are not far from thought to action and that we have a strong colaboration over differen areas of expertise.