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LEdige Stllinger

Nedenfor kan du læse om ledige stillinger hos Brick Works.

Der er ingen åbne stillinger i øjeblikket – Læs nedenfor om ansøgning uopfordret.

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Unsolicited inquiries

We recommend that relevant subtopics are read thoroughly before applying unsolicited.


Model builders usually start as a project employee at Brick Works.

That is why it is a good idea to keep an eye on our website/Facebook. Here we will posting job ads for project employees when we have projects where we need an extra hand.

Job clarification

We have great experience in working with municipalities on citizens in job clarification processes.

If you are a social worker or you yourself want a job clarification placement at Brick Works, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

Trainee - intern

We receive many inquiries from people who want to do an internship at Brick Works. This applies to both school and work placements.

As we would like to be able to provide a good experience with being an intern, it requires that we have room in the calendar to be able to help and guide an intern.

An internship with us is a mix of assigned intern tasks and participation in various daily tasks. - So you must accept that you will not build with LEGO the entire internship period.

In the e-mail registration below, you can add your e-mail and choose which type of internship you are interested in, then you will be notified when we have the opportunity to take in interns.

Please write a short text about yourself and why you wish for an internship at Brick Works.

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